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Meet Julie

Hey there, I'm Julie Przybyla – a seasoned Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor, specializing in evidence-based nutrition practices for sustainable women's weight management.

With over a decade of experience, I've helped countless women, just like you, achieve their weight loss goals by focusing on simple nutrition and the incredible benefits of strength training. I truly believe that every woman should embrace strength training to unlock her potential for a vibrant and fulfilling life!

Vibrant Nutrition and Fitness Services

Personalized Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

This isn't another diet. This is real, sustainable lifestyle change that will support your weight loss goals. Let this be the last time you'll have to lose weight.

Be Vibrant Group Coaching Program

Those working in a group are more likely to achieve a goal versus going alone. The Be Vibrant Coaching Program provides a community of like minded women walking the same midlife journey....

Comprehensive Hormone Testing

Has your Doctor said your labs are normal and dismissed your symptoms? Consider another approach. We offer a comprehensive hormonal testing program in partnership with a functional doctor, tailored to support women in midlife to effectively manage and alleviate perimenopausal symptoms.

Break the diet cycle with a lifestyle change

You don't need another diet to lose weight. They never work. Sustainable weight loss is achieved with a lifestyle change with simple yet strategic habits to support your health!

See what Julie's clients are saying!

"I contacted Julie when my Dr wanted to pile on more drugs saying I was pre-diabetic. Taking more meds or any meds was not what I wanted. Julie made a food plan just for me, I lost a little over 50 pounds and got off all meds! In the process learned I was not eating enough and what foods to eat together. If this sounds like it's you Julie can help, it changed my life."


I have spent my entire life in an overweight body and for most of my life I never imagined I was capable of having a smaller body. I felt completely defeated before starting my workout plan with Julie. I was working out 5-6 times a week with no results. I truly did not understand the benefits of strength training. I’ve hit my goal of over 100 lbs lost and continue to see changes in my body. I have muscle tone and definition that I have never had. Thank you Julie.


"You've helped me undo years of diet culture toxic relationship with food. I haven't had any disordered eating binges since we've been working together. And I'm losing weight. Not sure how you did that, but I feel so proud of myself."


If anyone needs a sign THIS IS IT. Worth every penny and then some. It's an investment that pays off not just in the short term but for the rest of your life. Julie, you're scientifically minded and shrewd, able turn endless amounts of primary research into usable advice, tailor fit to the individuals goals. You're able to help troubleshoot, clarify, workshop anything along the way when obstacles arise and goals change. Everything you've said to me, and on your social media platforms is 100% in line with medical facts. If I could prescribe 3 months with Julie to all my patients, I would. Other good things - you are relatable, real, and let's face it COLORFUL and that's a big plus in my book. No diet culture, no fat shaming, no guilt, no toxic positivity. Just real motivation, support and problem solving.

Kristen, MD and client

"I struggled for a long time with weight issues as some people do. I couldn’t change my mindset about needing to diet to lose weight. Julie helped me move to a different, healthier place in my relationship with food and my body. I no longer Diet I have a feed my body and my soul relationship with food, Because of what Julie has taught me and shown me. I also workout to keep my body and mind strong. She helped me learn to love myself. Thank you Julie."



What is it like to work with a Dietitian and Personal Trainer?

This is coaching program personalized to each client based on your goals, needs, preferences and numerous other factors.

How will these services be provided?

The coaching services are delivered virtually, offering you the flexibility to engage from the comfort of your own space. Working with a coach virtually is akin to having a dedicated professional by your side, assisting you in navigating decisions, behaviors, habits, and mindset relating to nutrition, fitness, and beyond. Throughout the program, you'll have unlimited access to support and guidance via text, email, and phone, making it the most invaluable and tangible investment in your well-being.

How much does a program like this cost?

The cost of these personalized coaching programs can vary based on your specific needs and goals. Additionally, if you reside in Missouri, Wisconsin, or Indiana and are covered by certain insurance carriers, a portion of the cost may be covered by your insurance. To learn more about the potential coverage and to delve deeper into the details, I encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me. During our consultation, we can explore your unique situation and discuss how the program can be tailored to best suit your needs and circumstances.

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